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N95 Infectious Disease Protection

The N95 Disposable Respirator is designed to help provide quality protection against dust particles as well as liquid and aerosol born pathogens. The innovative shape provides two important benefits, it offers protection to faces of virtually any size and ships in a way that prevents distortion and damage of crushed packages.

Sanitary Solutions


  • FDA approved – NIOSH approved 2021
  • Shape is easier to wear with glasses or safety goggles
  • Ultra-light only .18 ounces
  • Ultra slim personally shape able embedded nose strip
  • Fluid repellent/liquid barrier protection against fluid splatter
  • Ultra sound welding for completely sealed edges


  • Ear Straps – Polyisoprene (hypo-allergenic)
  • Nose S trip – Ultra light Aluminum alloy
  • Filter – Polypropylene
  • Shell – Water resistant polyester
  • CONTAINS NO – Rubber or latex

Filtering Protection

  • 4 layer design to provide filter performance of ≤ 95%
  • LAYER 1 Nonwoven Fabric: Filter dust and support shape
  • LAYER 2: Electrostatic Filter Cotton: Filter PM2.5 and finer dust and particles
  • LAYER 3: Meltblown Cloth: Strong filter with low resistance effective blocking of fine particles and pathogens
  • LAYER 4: Non-Irritating Non-Woven Fabric: Soft comfortable fabric for all-day wear

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